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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Quote from Societal Impact of High Performance Computing

We are honour to observe the isolation room model was featured in this book. Title " Societal Impact of High Performance Computing:  Selected Topics from the First Singapore-Japan HPC Symposium" Edited by Dr Grayson L Williams, published by A*CRC.
 See Jaccob in action! Courtesy from NUHS, NUS, NMRC and AStar.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wireless Device Enclosure

Case Study- A wall mount wireless station used in hospital and medical institution

With our product design services from conceptual to final design, customer successfully launches the product into market place in year 2010.

Reverse Engineering-Broken Part Without CAD Drawing

When Chosen GM Mr Sinclair approached us, he wants to reverse engineer a broken plastic part which technical drawing is not found. CYS helps to perform 3D scanning on the glued broken part. Technical drawing is produced for tooling fabrication.

Medical product: RFID Infant Tag

When CTO from Cadi Scientific approached us, Cadi wants to develop a unique rFID infant tag and strap system.
At birth, the tag and strap system is to be secured around infant’s ankle. The tag is an active RF tag that transmits data periodically to a receiver at a range of up to 10m. When infant is ready to be discharged from hospital, the strap is cut and disposed, and the tag is cleaned, recharged and reused.
Basic function of this product should feature a tamper proof mechanism. Un-authorized removal of tag from strap, cutting of strap, or unfastening of strap should be detected by the tag. An alert message will be transmitted to the receiver.

Courtesy of Cadi Scientific

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The UnUsual water tank - 1:10 Hospital Isolation Room Model

When Dr Julian from NUH approached us in early 2011, NUH wants to build a complex water tank to study ventilation model of isolation room.

The model is used to study the dynamic of air flow when a human figure moves in and out from isolation room. In order to simulate the hospital isolation room, the model has door which are controlled by motor and 1 moving track for human figure. As there are three types of doors in study, single swing, double swing and sliding door, each model house a door with human figure.  This make up to total 6 axis of precision motion control which shall be controllable through PC. As this is a 1:10 model using water to replace air flow fluid dynamic, in order to keep to the same Reynolds constant for air flow, the motion speed is 0.5 times slower than actual speed.
The model is connected to a water host which allows filling of water into individual chamber of interest. A plane laser is used to shine on the water layer which allow visual recording through a high speed camera. The high speed camera is capturing the dynamic of water flow in high frame rate.

High speed camera when human figure move at 1m/s, 10000fps

Capture with 30fps video camera