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Monday, September 30, 2013

3D Laser Scanning Services: Digitize your world

We acquired latest 3D Laser Scanning capability to digitize any object into 3D models. Big or small object, even with texture color mapping. 3D scanning start from SGD400.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Portable Shoulder Training Device

This is a table mounted, light weight shoulder training device, for the upper limbs especially beneficial for the shoulder, arm and wrists.
- Table mounted
- Light weght < 3kg

Portable ECG Device Case Part and USB Charger

Our client was rushing for a trade show within 1 month when we received the surface model without shell. Our engineer worked around the clock for the mechanical design and rapid prototype. The result was an overwhelming response from the crowd when our client came back from the show.
The product are well covered by journalist below:

Manual Torque Measurement Fixture for Lens Manufacturing

A researcher from Lens manufacturer looks for us to fabricate torque measurement fixture which has the following requirements.
- Loading capacity of force, 0 to 150 kg-force
- Torque value range, 0 to 10Nm
- Angular resolution with mininum 0.1 degree
- Lens sample size up to 80mm diameter
The fixture is used to measure torque value on various coating on lens sample. It is an customize fixture that integrate with tensile testing machine like Instron or Yue Lian.